Residential Services / Crash and Smash Technology

Criminals have been carrying out Crash and Smash attacks for a long time. Although it only became a widespread security problem in recent years as more criminals identified numerous ineffective alarm setups, due to the weak and unsecure and vulnerable design of central stations that include Adt, Xfinity, and At&t communication.

The term Crash and Smash comes from criminals kicking open a door and then quickly smashing the keypad. Disabling the keypad before the alarm is triggered will not only render the system inoperative, it also prevents it from transmitting/dialing an alarm to those central stations. It is simple. When you enter an armed home, you have usually about 60 seconds to put in your pin on the keypad. If you do not before it counts down to 0, then the system transmits/dials to the central station to report an alarm. But what if someone broke in and smashed the keypad while it is counting down? The system is now dead! It is not counting anymore! It will never get to zero which means it will never transmit or dial out! Just like you are trying to dial 911, but then someone smashes your cell before you hit send, your call never goes out.

The way around crash and smash is to have communication to the monitoring station always on and not waiting to dial out, but rather be dialed in 24/7 already and on the line with the central station. Any interruption of the keypad or loss of signal is considered an alarm. Just like being already on the phone with 911, 24/7. This is Crash and Smash Technology and EXCLUSIVE Protection. The day the system is installed, it never hangs up. Always on the line. This is true, live monitoring.

Even trying to jam GSM cellular signals causes interruption of the 24/7 live connection which triggers a loss of signal, which is our signal. Which is an immediate alarm.

Comprehensive Security Engineering

Whether it’s security cameras, security alarms, perimeter detection, doors, windows, locks, and even home automation and remote access control, IM-SECURE is way ahead of the curve and we’re not looking back. We are able to provide maximum security, protection and peace of mind for you and your loved ones without costing a fortune or inhibiting your lifestyle.

Physically & electronically securing all accessible entry points in your home will go a long way in preventing an intruder from entering your home and preventing criminals from ever gaining access inside our homes is a level of security that we all need to achieve in today’s society. The most practical approach to take for keeping criminals out, is to ensure their presence first gets detected while they are still on the outside of your home with physical & electronic security measures working together securing each accessible entry point (windows & doors) in your home.

Before you go with one of the same old traditional security alarm companies call IM-SECURE at (708) 247-5700 to learn what the home security business should be, where it’s going, where we are now.